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At CloudHostingSetup.com – we do just that.

We setup your own dedicated web server, then migrate your existing WordPress website or a new one to the fastest and most reliable global network which is Google’s Cloud Platform. We configure and create your own dedicated web server and database necessary to run your WordPress website.

Our goal is to empower our customers to be successful by removing the technical “know how” and drastically lowering the monthly cost associated with comparable Dedicated Cloud Hosting.

We start by creating your own dedicated web server on Google’s Cloud Platform. Next we backup your existing WordPress website then migrate your website to your new Google Cloud hosted web server.

While that may sound easy, the reality is that it takes an extreme amount of technical know how and a lot of work. We do all of this for a small one-time setup fee of $399.00 plus $99.00 for each WordPress website you’d like us to migrate for you. After that, you pay Google monthly for your new web server. While other WordPress Cloud Hosting Providers charge upwards of $600.00 per month, the average monthly hosting fees you pay to Google is only $40.00. That’s not a typo.

Google also gives you a $300.00 credit toward your monthly server costs.

Let’s assume that your monthly cost to host your WordPress website on Google’s Cloud is $40 per month. This means your first 7 months of web hosting is free.

We also setup and configure a perpetual SSL certificate at no cost for each WordPress website we migrate for you. This alone is a savings of $100.00 per year or more. As long as your website is hosted on Google Cloud Platform, you don’t ever have to pay for an SSL certificate again.

Say goodbye to slow traditional web hosting or paying exorbitant fees for monthly cloud hosting. Now you can get hosted on the fastest network on the Earth without the learning curve or spending a small monthly fortune.

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