Can I use the Wordfence Plugin using Google Cloud?

Yes. Unlike other WordPress Cloud Hosting Providers who prevent you from using WordFence, Google doesn’t.

The reason many if not all Cloud Hosting Providers prohibit some WordPress plugin, is because you’re actually being hosted on a shared Cloud environment. All of their customers are sharing the same resources of a particular web server. Plugins like WordFence have real time features which can be CPU intensive. Google on the other hand doesn’t prohibit which plugin you can use because it’s your own dedicated server. You control the configuration of your web server.

Wordfence is one of the most powerful and widely used WordPress Plugins. There is no reason why you should be told not to use it. In fact, the reason Wordfence is so popular is that it protects your website from attacks in many different ways.

Other common plugins you’ll find prohibited elsewhere are caching plugins. Caching plugins such WP-Rocket allow you to deliver your web pages from memory which is much faster than serving those pages from a disk drive.

With Google, the sky is the limit.

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