How to Score 100/100 on Google PageSpeed Insights

Simple, start by getting hosted with Google. Google PageSpeed Insights is a very popular tool in that it provides website owners with the information they need to make their website more Google friendly.

By electing to get hosted with Google, it takes care of one of the most important issues which is speed. Once you’re hosted with Google you need to address other factors such as leveraging your browser cache, minifying your CSS and Javascripts. For that, you should use WP Rocket. While we’ve tested many caching plugins, WP Rocket seems to out perform all other plugins of this nature.

The WordPress theme you’re using is also vital. In an interview with John DeUlloa who created the term SEO back in the early 90’s, we asked him many questions, one of which was how important is the WordPress theme when it comes to SEO?. His answer was simple and direct..

“If you’re going to use WordPress, you do not use any WordPress theme other than one coded on the Genesis Framework. All of the themes available from, the creators of the Genesis Framework, are coded in such a way that Google eats them alive!”

Here at we use a Genesis Framework Theme developed by It’s a beautifully coded WordPress child theme and coded on top of the Genesis Framework.

To prove a point, here are screen captures of our own Google PageSpeed Insight results.

While there are many other considerations to achieving a perfect 100 out of 100 score on Google PageSpeed Insights, start by having us create your own dedicated web server hosted by Google. Get started today!

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