Does Google limit which WordPress Plugins I can install?

No. Unlike other WordPress Cloud Hosting Providers such as wpEngine who use Amazon’s Network and who often configure shared web servers, Google doesn’t limit you from using any WordPress Plugins you wish to install.

Here is a long list of some of the most popular plugins you can’t use when using Disallowed WordPress Plugins

In contrast, Google doesn’t place any limitation since it’s your own web server.

You’re free to use any plugin you want. In fact, we encourage you to use WordFence, WP-Rocket, BackupBuddy. These three plugins are a must in our opinion.

The reason many if not all other Cloud Hosting Providers prohibit some WordPress plugins, is because they host the majority of their customers on a Shared Server Cloud Environment. This in itself defeats the entire reason for being hosted on the Cloud.

All websites hosted on shared server “share” the same resources of a particular web server. For example, popular WordPress plugins such as WordFence have real time features which can be CPU intensive. These CPU resources are limited and if your sharing those resource with many other customers, there eventually arn’t enough resources to go around. Be sure to read our article on the differences between shared and dedicated web servers.

In contrast, having your own Dedicated Google Web Server means you’re never limited by some other company sharing that server with you.

WordFence is one of the most powerful and widely used WordPress Plugins. It constantly protects your website. There is no reason why you should be told not to use it.

Other common plugins you’ll find prohibited elsewhere are caching plugins. Caching plugins such WP-Rocket allow you to deliver your web pages from memory which is much faster than serving those pages from a disk drive.

With Google, the sky is the limit.

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