Would being hosted by Google give me better search engine ranking?

Yes and no. That’s too vague of a question.

Being hosted with Google Cloud Platform and having your own dedicated web server will give your website the fastest response time possible, but better Google search ranking also depends on your website content. It also depends on whether or not you’re taking advantage of using browser cache leveraging and if you have an SSL certificate.

Always start with speed, scalability, and reliability. Allowing us to migrate your WordPress website to Google Cloud Platform provides you with these basic essentials.

Next is the WordPress theme you’re using. Is it mobile responsive? Not what a WordPress theme developer is telling you, but rather what “Google considers mobile responsive” – there is a big difference. It’s for this reason that when it comes to choosing a WordPress theme, you do not use any other WordPress theme other than one using the Genesis Framework – period and end of story!

There is a reason that Google Search engineers, Matt Mullenweg (founder of WordPress), John DeUlloa (author and creator of the term SEO), Brian Lis (WordPress Guru), Bill Erickson (WordPress Guru) and thousands of others – recommend using WordPress themes from StudioPress.com.

Using a website speed tool such as Google PageSpeed Insights is a great starting point which allows you to determine how Google search algorithms see your website. Other very good tools are Pingdom Speed Test and GTMetrix. All of which have their pros and cons but will provide the necessary recommendations to make sure your website is as Google friendly as possible.

As in real estate, there are 3 words which always come to mind – location, location, location.

When it comes to the internet, those 3 words are replaced with – Google, Google, Google – for the simple reason that if you’re not found toward the top of a Google search result, you’re wasting both your time and money.

The goal is to have a Google Spider eat your website alive and give you the best Google search ranking possible.

To sum it up, start with making sure your website is hosted on the fastest network possible – that’s Google themselves. Next, only use a StudioPress.com WordPress theme, make sure your website is mobile friendly, and lastly make sure to have an SSL certificate. While there is a lot more to know about SEO, those are the starting points. Neglect these things out of the gate, and your chances of being found predominantly in a Google search result diminish exponentially.

So, back to the question at hand… Would being hosted on Google’s own network give my website better Google search engine ranking? While Google obviously can’t officially come out and said yes, use common sense and do the math yourself.

If you ready to experience the future of web hosting and lower your monthly web hosting costs – then… get started today!

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